Asian Pigment Market under Changing Environment

Date: 2015-05

“Industrial affair:
After years’ development, China has become the largest pigment producer in the world. However, just like other industries in China, the pigment industry is also confronted with a series of problems like overcapacity and product homogeneity in the domestic market. In addition, with the outer environment changing, different pigments face different business opportunities and threats, which have resulted in different business growth of them during the last few years.

Purpose of the report:
CCM devotes itself to the study of China’s pigment industry through interviews with manufacturers, distributors and end users of pigment in China, aiming to help readers better understand what is happening in the industry and how the players react to the changing environment.

Applicable user:
– Manufacturers of pigment
– Consumers of pigment
– Researchers on pigment industry
– Investors who want to step into China’s pigment industry

What to report:
– Overview of China’s pigment industry and profitability
– Impact of PEST factors on China’s pigment industry and the reaction of players
– Competition and sales situation of China’s pigment industry
– Business situation of end users and their purchasing of pigment
– Asian pigment market in the eyes of Chinese players

Value to client:
– Understand the profit trend of China’s pigment industry
– Understand how the changing environment affects China’s pigment industry
– Learn the future cutting-edge technology
– Get to know the trend and focus of competition in China’s pigment industry
– Discover business opportunities in China’s pigment industry

– Desk research
– Telephone interview
To get a comprehensive view of the industry and figure out the key issues in the industry to prepare for the questionnaire survey;
– On-line survey
Altogether 400 questionnaires were sent to pigment manufacturers (of titanium dioxide, iron oxide, chrome pigment, organic pigment), pigment distributors and end users;
– Summarization


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