Asia-Oceania is Estimated to be the Largest Market for Automotive Air Filters

Date: 2015-08-27

” The function of the intake air filter is to restrict the entry of airborne contaminants in the engine. Cellulose and synthetic are two kinds of filter media commonly used in intake air filters. Cellulose is conventional filter media and is estimated to hold the largest market share; whereas synthetic is emerging technology and is slowly gaining popularity in the market owing to its high filtration efficiency and long service life. 

Cabin air filters ensure the supply of clean air in the passenger cabin. Particle filter media are commonly used in cabin air filters and are capable of removing contaminants such as dust, dirt, and pollen. The use of activated carbon in cabin air filters enables the removal of unpleasant odors and harmful exhaust fumes, which could adversely affect passenger health. Particle cabin air filters are estimated to hold the largest share in the automotive air filters market, while activated carbon air filters are projected to grow rapidly in the near future.

The global automotive air filters market is projected to grow at a promising rate. Asia-Oceania is estimated to be the largest market for automotive air filters. This can be attributed to the rising demand for automobiles in the region. Several OEMs are expanding in this region to cater to this demand. North America is projected to be the fastest-growing market for automotive air filters during the forecast period.

The report includes a comprehensive review of market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and key issues in the global automotive air filters market. The key players in the market have been identified and profiled. Apart from quantitative analysis of these markets, the report also covers qualitative aspects such as value chain analysis, PEST analysis, and Porter鈥檚 Five Forces analysis for the global automotive air filters market. 


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