Anesthetic Stays Sustainably Fast Growth in China

Date: 2015-12-01

The anesthetic industry has showed the status of an oligopoly structure, which has characteristics of high profit margins, high concentration and high entrance barriers in China. In 2013, the industry reached $1.3 billion and $1.7 billion in 2014 which reflecting a compounded annual increase of 28.5% within 5 years, furthermore, as the surgery quantity continues to grow and expand in the field of medicine, there is a huge grow space in the future, estimate the market will hit $1.95billion in 2015.

The market analysis of anesthetic by classification
General anesthetic: the import anesthetic dominates the market, domestic products are chasing.
General anesthetic has share of 69% in the market, the sales revenue was near $650 million at compound average growth rate of 15%. In general anesthetic market, the propofol had contributed $325 million; and imports accounted for ninety percent of the market.

Local anesthetic: The variety of products
Local anesthetic had market size of $100 million at CAGR of 13%, since it has many producers, the market are decentralized. Ropivacaine was leading the market, which 3/4 of them were sold by 

Muscle relaxants: Intense market competition
Muscle relaxants market was valued approximately $230 million at CAGR of 21%. The market is relative centralized duo to few types of product. Atracurium and Cisatracurium accounted for 70% of the market, around $162 million.

The market share of anesthetic by classification, the general anesthetic occupied over 69% of market:
 general anesthetic
Narcotic analgesics: Oligarch monopoly competition
Narcotic analgesic has typical characteristics of high profit margins, high concentration in market, it has $455 million of market value at CAGR of 17%. Currently, the Fentanyl serials are leading the market, oxycodone lagged but growing at CAGR of 38%.

The general anesthetic and narcotic analgesics occupies most of the market share in anesthetic market, in addition, they are the driven force of growth in anesthetic industry.


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