Amino Acids China E-News 1510 (12 issues per year)

Date: 2015-11

“As Chinese government is attaching more and more importance to environmental protection, most amino acid enterprises are
forced or willing to conduct industrial reorganization and upgrading in the face of more stringent laws and regulations.
In Sept. 201 5, influenced by meat-poultry substitute and low-priced imported pork, the domestic market price of live pig went down.
This will exert direct impact on lysine demand growth, CCM estimated that lysine manufacturers should adjust their production
On 9 Oct., 201 5, Wens Group announced to acquire DHN by means of stock-for-stock. Afterwards, Wens Group will apply for listing
on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and DHN will be delisted.
It’s reported that a rumen-protected methionine factory in France built by Bluestar Adisseo went into production in Oct. 201 5. Driven
by the Bluestar Adisseo’s performance, Bluestar New Chemical predicted that it would turn loss into gain in Q1 -Q3.
Shenghua Biok announced to invest USD251 .95 million (RMB1 .6 billion) in acquiring a local online gaming company-Blaze Loong
Technology, through raising fund and cash.
Since Sept. 201 5, Global Bio-chem, Henan Lotus and Star Lake Bioscience have announced reorganization one after another,
kicking off the reform of corn deep-processing enterprises. Meantime, due to the influence of temporary purchase and storage
policy, declining demand and excess capacity, losses and slumps in performance have become a kind of normality for China’s corn
deep-processing enterprises.
Market prices of major amino acids in China, Oct. 201 5
In Oct. 201 5, the market price of domestic solid methionine continued to drop slightly, and that of liquid methionine was almost
identical to last month under the impact of the sole manufacturer Bluestar Adisseo reducing production.
In Oct. 201 5, the market price of 98% tryptophan went down slightly with a 0.32% MoM fall, thanks to manufacturers’ strong will to
support the price. However, the transactions were small and the market got involved in doldrums.
In Oct. 201 5, the domestic market price of lysine continued to fall, mainly due to a drop in raw material corn price and weak demand
from downstream farming industry.
Imp. & Exp. Overview of some amino acids in China, Sept. 201 5
Overall low operating rate in domestic manufacturers affected lysine ester and salt output; under such circumstances, August
witnessed a slight MoM fall in export volume of lysine ester and salt from China.
In Aug. 201 5, the import volume of methionine to China recorded a MoM decline, affected by lackluster domestic methionine


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