Amino Acid Dynamics in China

Date: 2015-05

“Amino acid industry hot topics in 2014:
-As many small manufacturers have stopped self-production, China’s monosodium glutamate (MSG) is about to complete its industry integration. The market price of MSG has significantly rebounded since mid-2014.
-Manufacturers of lysine and threonine have also cut production since late 2013, and resulted in rebounds in prices of the two products in mid-2014. However, as a large amount of new capacities have been introduced since 2013, manufacturers may face price competition again in the future.
-China and Southeast Asia will turn to be another main producing areas of methionine following the introduction of many new methionine projects. This will greatly improve the unbalance supply pattern of global methionine.
-Minor amino acids are facing rapid development in China due to increasing demand and higher profit margins than bulk products like MSG and lysine.

Purpose of report:
To clearly describe China’s amino acid industry, CCM has collected lots of information in various ways. In this report, development situations of main categories of amino acids have been described in detail, together with prospects from CCM and insiders.

What to report:
In this report, dynamics of China’s amino aicds since 2013 have been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:
-Expansion usage of amino acids in downstream fields, 2013-H1 2014;
-Industry trends of three main fermented amino acids (MSG, lysine, and threonine) in China, mainly including price trend, capacity change, and production cut, 2013-H1 2014;
-Industry trends of methionine in China, including price trend, supply situation, and capacity expansion, 2013-H1 2014;
-Development of diverse amino acid products in China, including that of minor and rumen protected amino acids, 2013-H1 2014;
-Analysis of China’s envioronmental protection policy and its influence on amino acid manufacturers, 2013-H1 2014;

In the next few years, China’s lysine and threonine will continue their industry integration. Domestic supply of methionine will increase obviously and the dependence on imported products will be reduced. Minor amino acids will witness rapid growth. On the whole, it鈥檚 worth investing in amino acid industry. On the whole, the product structure of China’s amino aicds will be more diversified and balanced in the future.”


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