2014 China Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Report

Date: 2015-12

“The report introduces a kind of bio-based polyester: polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), which is synthesized by microorganism. PHA has many advantages, such as degradability, biological compatibility, stability, etc. Degradable plastics are the most widespread application of PHA around the world.

Up to now, global demand for degradable plastics has reached nearly 700,000 tonnes with a CAGR of about 20% in the last few years. China is a major producer of PHA and other degradable plastics. In 2015, some provinces have launched regulations about non-degradable plastics prohibition. Is it a good opportunity for PHA in China? How’s the supply and development trend of PHA in China? What are the advantages of PHA when compared to other degradable plastics? CCM answers those questions in this report.

CCM focus on China’s PHA industry from several aspects: global development, development history in China, preparation methods, supply and potential capacity, application, degradable plastics, new policies and regulations, major manufacturers and development prospect.

In 2015, Jilin Province implemented a policy to prohibit the production, sales and use of non-degradable plastics. It has attracted many degradable plastic manufacturers. For example, Lvsu Bio-degradable Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fortrusts Group, was established in Changchun. In addition, other degradable plastics (PLA and PBS) manufacturers are also ready to enter the market. It seems that there is a great development opportunity for degradable plastic manufacturers.

Price is a large obstacle for PHA to develop. Nowadays, the average price is about USD4,500/t. The price of PE and PP are just about USD1,100/t to USD1,500/t. Are there any new preparation methods which can reduce the price of PHA? In this report, You can know more about the development of major global manufacturers; You are able to discover more preparation methods, especially the chemical synthesis; You can learn more about other applications of PHA; Some new policies and regulations have implemented and you will find out the next potential development region of PHA in China.


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