2014 China Maleic Anhydride Industry Report

Date: 2015-05

“This report describes the development of MAH in China, especially the development in 2014. In China, the MAH industry is upgrading its production technologies and enterprises are restructuring. China’s MAH industry is lagging behind. How will it catch up with the world’s advanced technologies?
In China, the capacity of MAH has already surpassed 2 million t/a. China adopts benzene route and n-butane route to produce MAH. Nowadays, the n-butane route is gradually replacing the benzene route and the operating rate hits an all-time low. Besides, market demand for MAH has no changes basically due to the depressed downstream market.
What to report
The report aims to telling the difference between the Chinese MAH market and the world MAH market simply and clearly by analyzing the production, consumption and imports & exports of MAH in China.
The future development dynamics of MAH in China is analyzed through the Michael Porter’s Five Factors Model in the report.



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